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Dr Vicki Connop is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience in public mental health services and private practice.  She specialises in mindfulness-based therapies and somatic psychology (working with emotion held in the body). She has a strong interest in the teachings of Buddhist psychology and yoga and is also a qualified yoga teacher, integrating a number of different therapeutic modalities in her work.

Psychological therapy aims to help people find solutions to emotional problems, relationship issues and mental health concerns. This usually involves a course of weekly or fortnightly one-on-one sessions. Vicki is extensively trained in a range of psychological therapies and works with a full range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, grief, anger, overwhelming emotions, trauma and abuse, self-esteem issues, chronic health issues and eating problems.

Therapy can include learning new coping skills, exploring relationship patterns and beliefs, dealing with negative life experiences from the past and identifying your own strengths and resources. Therapy can be short or long term, with short term options more suited to learning skills or working on a specific problem, whilst longer-term therapy allows the opportunity to dive a little deeper into understanding and changing patterns that may be long standing or processing difficult or traumatic life events.


Please contact Vicki to discuss your individual needs and whether she may be the right person to help.


Dr Vicki Connop is also author of 'The Therapy Room' on, where she shares insights and reflections from the world of psychology, yoga and life

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