Befriending The Body

8 week course in Trauma Sensitive Yoga


People who have experienced significant trauma in their lives often experience a profound sense of disconnection from their body, together with disruption to core functions such as breathing, appetite, digestion and sleep.


This course offers a gentle way to become reacquainted with your body through simple guided yoga practices. No prior yoga experience is required and you do not need to be fit or flexible to access this practice as it will meet you exactly where you are and begin from there.


Research has shown that yoga helps people to develop interoceptive awareness, meaning they become better able to listen and respond to the cues from within their bodies. This is a key aspect to healing from conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder. Over time the practices of yoga can also help in resetting the autonomic nervous system and regulating core body functions.

The course will be facilitated by Vicki Connop. With a background of 16 years in the field of clinical psychology, Vicki’s approach to yoga is informed by psychological theory and research evidence. She aims to offer a space that is non-threatening and allows participants to begin to heal and repair disrupted relationships with their bodies.

Dates: Wednesday evenings 7-8pm beginning 21st February 2018

Venue: Yoga Therapy Centre, 129D Onewa Road, Northcote, Auckland

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Manage Your Mood


Do you experience bouts of anxiety, depression or feeling overwhelmed? Want an opportunity to learn about emotions and how to cope with them more effectively? We are bringing together the best of yogic wisdom and western psychology to equip you with a toolbox of practices that can help you handle whatever life throws in your path.


Join Dr Vicki Connop, Clinical Psychologist and Jac Wilson, Yoga Teacher to explore a range of ideas and practices that you can take away and put into practice in your daily life. This session will include gentle yoga postures, breathing practices, mindfulness exercises, practical tips and discussion.


Dates for Manage Your Mood workshops:


Saturday 19th November 2016 10:30am-1pm 

Venue: The Wellness Collective, 385 New North Road, Kingsland

Bookings: CLOSED


Sunday 21st September 2015 2-4:15pm

Venue: The Centre, 385 New North Road, Kingsland

Bookings: SOLD OUT




Cultivating Self-Compassion


Workshop with Dr Vicki Connop, Registered Clinical Psychologist, and Jac Wilson, Yoga teacher


Do you notice a negative critical internal voice showing up in your yoga practice, your work-life, your relationships, comparing, judging and continually telling you that you’re not good enough? Almost everyone we meet seems to have some version of this voice and it causes us untold suffering, generating shame, guilt and feelings of inadequacy.


This workshop will explore tools to manage this voice, from the fields of both psychology and yoga. We will begin to develop more compassionate ways of relating to ourselves with kindness and gentleness that you can take out into your life both on and off the mat.


The afternoon will include gentle yoga postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, practical tips and discussion and will conclude with a light afternoon tea from Little Bird.


Dates for Cultivating Self-Compassion workshops:


Sunday 8th May 2016 2-4:15pm

Venue: The Centre, 385 New North Road, Kingsland

Bookings: SOLD OUT  


















Feedback from past participants

'Thanks to you both for a wonderful restorative afternoon on Sunday (Manage your Mood course). I arrived feeling quite stressed but left with a wonderful feeling of calm and peace, and some great new skills. 

I loved it all, the mindfulness, the yoga, savasana, herbal tea and Little Bird food and smoothie.'