Therapeutic applications of yoga

In addition to her clinical psychology background, Vicki has also trained as a yoga teacher and offers evidence-based yoga interventions as part of her therapeutic work where useful. 


Level 1 (200hr) and level 2 (150hr) yoga teacher training with Ashram Yoga New Zealand (classical hatha-based style of yoga).

20 hour training in Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY)

Level 1 iRest (Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra Meditation with the iRest Institute

Level 1,2 & 3 Somatic Stress Release training with Dr Scott Lyons

Whilst you may be familiar with yoga as a practice for building physical strength and flexibility, yoga is first and foremost a meditative practice which works on all aspects of our being and can have subtle and profound effects on our mental as well as physical wellbeing. 

An increasing body of research studies have demonstrated that yoga can be effective as part of a treatment approach for conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, insomnia and other emotional issues.


Therapeutic applications of yoga can include:

  • Breath work (known as pranayama) to help regulate energy and mood

  • Grounding practices to assist in generating an internally felt sense of safety and stability

  • Self-soothing techniques to calm and regulate the central nervous system, to manage stress and reduce anxiety 

  • Movement practices to activate stagnant energy, increase motivation and vitality, and complete the natural stress response cycle.

  • Interoceptive awareness to help us tune into, feel and make sense of signals from within our bodies

  • Meditation practices to develop the capacity to be with and respond to complex thoughts and emotions. To assist us to respond to life's challenges, hurts and losses with the skills of mindfulness, reality acceptance and self-compassion


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